SPECTO Tunnel Incident Detection System

SPECTO is a vision based automatic incident detection system that reduces the reaction time by informing the operator in abnormal cases likely to occur in the tunnels.

Thanks to image-based event detection features, SPECTO detects pedestrians, stopped vehicles, slow or speedy vehicles, and those which had an accident in the tunnels. In addition to that, it conveys visual and audible warnings to the operators by instantly detecting the cases in the tunnel such as smoke and fire which requires instant intervention.

As well as detecting unexpected situations inside the tunnels, SPECTO further measures and reports vehicle density and the number of cars passing. Identifying data and views that belong to the unexpected cases detected and the traffic variables are recorded in the database. Past inquiry of such recorded data may be performed later on the operator screen.

SPECTO Analysis

Stopped Vehicle Detection
Pedestrian Detection
Smoke Detection
Detection of vehicles driving on the wrong way
Detection of Suspicious Package on the way
The number of passing cars
Detection of Vehicles Driving Speedy / Slowly
Instant Density Information

Control of all Cameras via Single Interface

SPECTO is a vision based incident detection system that can be integrated to any analog or digital cameras available in tunnels. With its high power abilities, SPECTO is able to control different brand of cameras into a single interface. In that interaface operators could monitor whole cameras and able to observe detected events 24/7.


SPECTO Technical Specifications

Event Detection with 95% Accuracy Rate
False alarm rate below 2%
Real Time Processing and Analysis of videos taken by tunnel cameras.
Real Time Audible Transmission of Detected Event Information with Visual Warnings
Management of More than one Camera View from a Single Platform
All event detected videos and defining metadata is kept in a database.