Parking Enforcement Systems


Park Enforcement System POINTR P2000 detects the vehicles in parked parking areas and performs number plate detection. The system consists of a high-resolution camera with a Pan-Tilt-Zoom and an embedded image processing card, which continuously scans within a 75-meter radius to automatically detect vehicles in park that exceed the times that can be defined by the operator.

Vehicle determined to be an enforcement of the park is registered immediately and the duration of the enforcement is determined and a penalty fee can be arranged automatically when the time exceeds the threshold value determined by the operator. However, due to the built-in internal IP camera in the system, the images / video recordings of the car at the beginning and end of the enforcements are transferred to the center.

Image and processed data (location, license number plate, car brand, vehicle color, date / time of enforcement) obtained from the parking enforcement detection system are transmitted to PLATÜRK Software and criminal receipts are automatically created and presented to the operator for approval.

With Park Enforcement System

Detection of enforcement at the field at a radius of 75 meters
Automatic number plate recognition
Remote access
32 preset points infringement detection
High resolution video recording
Automatic penalty receipt editing
Quick setup