METIS Traffic Management Center Software

Traffic Control Center Software, METIS, as a part of CHAOS® System is a completely web based control center software which is based on digital maps. METIS can control and communicate with the junctions in real time according to the international communication standards and keep on the communication for 24/7. METIS has the capability of statistical analyses according to live and historical traffic data.


Intersection Management

Remote monitoring, management and analysis of the junctions are possible through the system.

Dynamic Intersection Management

Obtains and analyzes traffic data real-time by vehicle counting to optimize the waiting time at the junction.

Real-time Traffic Information

METIS provides real-time traffic information and estimation up to next 15-30-60 minutes intervals.

Incident and Strategy Management

The system automatically detects and warns incidents (accidents, disasters etc.) and suggests strategies for traffic managers to solve traffic problems caused by incidents.

Corridor Management

The system coordinates all junctions on a corridor depending on vehicle density to reduce travel times along the corridor.

Emergency Vehicle Preemption

Emergency Vehicle Preemption System perceive an emitted signal from emergency vehicles to provide safe passage of emergency vehicles at a road network.

Measurement of Effectiveness (MOE)

MOE provides graphs and statistics on the city's traffic to help traffic managers and other decision makers make more data-driven, reliable and faster decisions.

Camera Management

Camera Management System provides remote monitoring and management of city cameras (FISHEYE, DOME, etc.)