Automated Number Plate Recognition Systems


Automated Number Plate Recognition System allows the vehicle license plates to be read, stored and analyzed. The Automated Number Plate Recognition System consists of an image based number plate recognition unit and central server applications. The Automated Number Plate unit contains a high-resolution camera and embedded processor platform within an IP66 enclosure with built-in IR illumination unit.

System is able to detect the vehicle’s license number plate, brand and color in any weather condition within 7/24. Due to the functions of the system, these data can be transferred to a desired remote location either wired or wirelessly.

Easy Operation, Easy Installation and Easy Integration

Highway Number Plate Recognition Systems in compact structure can be mounted on roads, bridges, highways and art structures.

Automated Number Plate Recogniton System Applications

Red Light Enforcement Detection
Speed Enforcement Detection
Mobile Number Plate Recognition System
Park Enforcement Detection

POINTR Moonlight

Automated Number Plate Recognition System