• PAN is the ability to move the camera to the right and left.
  • Tilt is the property indicating that the camera can move up and down
  • Zoom, zoom in and out feature which automatically indicates the lens.
  • Speed ​​Dome cameras are known by many names in the market. Some of those; PTZ cameras, motorized cameras, pan tilt zoom cameras be watched, slow speed camera, high speed camera, the camera is moving.
  • With improving technology, expanding the use of speed dome cameras, today was more cost-effective in terms of speed dome cameras are preferred üretildik property.
  • Speed dome cameras provide the advantages of digital control, is divided into two terms of rotation speed. They are slow and speed dome cameras. The relative speed may be preferred to use fields.
  • If look at the general features include digital control of speed dome cameras feature. RS-485 serial communication protocol used to control the camera. This is because the RS-485 ?? in others is more simple and useful system by b i. It provided two wire data transmission up to 1200 meters and is used for data communication.
  • Thanks to the speed dome camera can be rotated around constantly determined according to the location or movement and zoom preset point of the program, an alarm may be provided to show the desired region of the instant camera.
  • Speed ​​dome cameras; Registration Card DVR, DVR recorders and Control Units (joysticks, etc ..) and manageable.