• IP-based under different brands of IP cameras, DVR and NVR hardware in a single environment for monitoring and recording can feature different brands and models it has been developed in accordance with the camera systems to be integrated to performance criteria with IP-based based devices ONVIF protocol with the planning.
  • Also, the system may be integrated with an independent brand mobile NVR hardware is provided able to be followed live on the route map and determine the mobile device.
  • Video management system is planned to be developed under the project, ONVIF and that all IP-based physical security and video equipment to comply with PSIA standard (different manufacturers of cameras, recording devices, such as 3rd party software) has the ability to command connected through a single interface.
  • Thanks to these standards, the IP work in peace and harmony of different branded component in CCTV systems to be managed via a single software and devices are provided.
  • When the camera manufacturers in the industry considered Video Management System which are produced in accordance with their own brand, the brand is to provide independence of the system to be developed is very important.
  • The system is designed so that it has the capability to take images up to 64 channels on a single server.
  • Thanks to its modular structure, access control systems, plate and integration with 3rd party applications such as face recognition systems are provided.