• Multicast Techniques for the same flow (flow) for the recipient to provide more than one during the saving of network bandwidth to send only one copy of the stream is a technique based on.
  • Nowadays there are a lot of applications, IPTV is also one of the most beautiful examples of the IP network as transport of live channels used, or any other school course given, to be followed in other schools of the course, given in the examples as to deliver a much u think about the images because of security camera images.
  • We also use the technical advantage of multicast bandwidth efficient is the multicast source source is meant by the following topology.
  • For example, Source get the multicast source server used for remote education and the country will this stream 1000 recipient Let the flow of the bandwith of 30 Mbps (HD broadcasting) Whether, in the source side we do not use multicast when moving traffic in 1000 * 30 MB = 30Gbps health, we need to link further we have given a copy of unnecessary content network by 1000, although it is the same, due to the need for such work emerges as an important multicast traffic type.
  • Multiple video output it through a plurality of users simultaneously and any number of video streams.