• Every person and vehicle entering the viewing angle of the camera, taking the background, draw trail to follow through or mobile device, the map makes it easy to do things like pointing out.
  • Reviewing a variety of camera view and map can be added.
  • Dividing into groups as you want, you can follow your team through the vehicle tracking system infrastructure.
  • You can also use functions other than the specific functions of the vehicle equipment.
  • Mobile devices can be monitored live on a map, it allows you to see your team in real time on the map and the route be determined.
  • The system will be integrated with an independent brand mobile NVR hardware, and be followed live on the map of mobile devices It provides the ability to determine routes
  • Staff toured the road can draw on the map and you can see how many kilometers or when a point when out and / or during long e-mail and / or be notified by sms messages.