• Log is produced in large amounts of network and security devices being used within the institution. This is checked at regular intervals and analyzed by the log of agency personnel is of paramount importance.
  • However, tracking is not possible to log in excess of a plurality of manually obtained from the device. Therefore, the collection of logs used as the center of all devices in the organization and management is of paramount importance.
  • In order to detect suspicious situations that may occur in a variety of recovery from system logs, the logs must be linked.
  • Information security and event management (SIEM thanks) systems, suspicious events that may escape the human eye can be removed ilişkilendirl clearly demonstrated by the log. Although, to collect logs with the log management system is necessary, though not sufficient.
  • The collected logs will need to institute the analysis automatically and be associated with each other and therefore SIEM systems are of paramount importance.
  • The event provides quick access to events by making immediate and significant events marking allows you to make instant response makes it easier to keep track instantly.