• Employees and healthy control visitor traffic, restricting the entry and exit to specific areas in the workplace, determine eligibility to sign people extent of transit systems recognized by all inputs and outputs are to be monitored from a single point, are some of the divisions of the security we provide the access control system.
  • In these systems the smart management tools, in particular serves as a great support for human resources tasks. With our established system, corporate human resources departments, members of the input-output card can instantly ready.
  • Through integration with our PACS system elements can easily monitor the input and output clocks. Salary schedules can be arranged in an efficient process with the most current information.
  • E-wallet function with input-output cards in the cafeteria, etc. while copying. It can return to the tools that can be used.
  • In addition, the complexity of cable and wireless electronic locking system ceases to be a problem.
  • Systems and institutions in parts of our competence in integration that makes you talk with each other, we provide human resources management efficiency, we provide the ability to control various input and output from a single point of efficiency and resource conservation is a distinct advantage.