Data Masking Programme

MICR Code Recognize

Accuracy: With MICR E13B  recognition engine, the accuracy reaches 100%  in case of good quality scanned images; if quality is low or medium, error rate will usually be less than 0.5%. For each recognized character a confidence level is reported, to let you to appreciate how  much accurate has been the recognition process.

Technology: Our engine is based on three distinct classifiers using different methods: artificial neural network, features extraction, statistycal matrix matching. An expert system, using fuzzy rules, reconciles all the outputs obtaining the best match.

Speed: Speed is linked to cpu speed. Using Pentium processors, time performance are usually included between 30 and 100 CPS.


History: MICR E13B font was developed in 1958 by American Bankers Associations (ABA) for automatic cheque processing. It's currently used in USA, Canada, Australia, UK and in other countries world-wide. Standard: font print size is fixed at 0.117 inches (about 8.4 points), print density is 8 CPI.


  • Elektronik Signature
  • Biometric Signature
  • Signature Asset Identification and Comparison Software
  • Check MICR Code Reading Application
  • Check, Invoice, Waybill, Document Digitization (ICR / OCR / OMR) Central European, Baltic and Slavic languages as well as American and European languages, as well as Greek and Turkish are supported. Hebrews and at the same time recognizes four Asian languages: Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese and Korean
  • Fast and Flexible Application
  • Besides text recognition, we offer powerful compression features without sacrificing quality 20 times for PDF files thanks to compression technology


  • Readiris Corporate İndir, Readiris Corporate ile metin word,excel,pdf gibi bir çok belgeyi dönüştürebileceksiniz güçlü ocr pdf dönüştürme yazılımıdır bir çok dili destekler, Desteklenen Bulut hizmetleri: Evernote, Dropbox, Box & Google Drive



  • DYS, EDMS, Workflow Management, OCR, ICR