SmartRuling Cloud Solutions

Every activity of all PC is stored on SmartRuling cloud servers and kept for 1 year. On the other hand, screen recordings are kept for 30 days (1 screenshot per 90 seconds) on SmartRuling cloud. You can reach these images anywhere, any time you like.

SmartRuling users can reach any PC activity or screen image very fast, even if the client PC’s are turned off. To prepare and get the desired report only takes a few seconds..

If you wish to use our system on your local network, we have a SmartRuling local server solution for you as well, which works just like our cloud system but on your local area network. In this local server system, none of your data, screen images or any other info leaves your local network. All your company data is stored in the server located in your local are network.

You can have SmartRuling with the most convenient payment options.

No Additional Payment Or Surprise.