• With the distributed architecture feature high number of safety systems that use of the camera has the ability to easily manage the entire camera.
  • Functions are defined differently for each camera and video images can be transmitted via these functions are interpreted in the way the center.
  • Using an intuitive interface with no complicated options and terminology for video management system, which will be produced by the project planlanmıştır.b way, users without the need for intermediate element, the system itself can be set up and use.
  • In areas where the installation of CCTV camera systems, human-induced errors that cause the viewer is provided operators found significantly lower levels of productivity and security applications.
  • The playback and export recordings from the video clip, the number of cameras to be added to the desired level of functionality and the software has a simple licensing structure that allows it to be selected.
  • The software is easy to upgrade and expand more camera.
  • An unlimited number of video from camera can work for several clients at the same time on different computers, displayed in the control room.
  • Any number of IP cameras allows to establish a monitoring system will take place in the size of the camera.